Xcode Programming Tutorial

command lineHow should I go about learning to write programs 2015-07-15

I'm 15 years old and I want to learn how to program computers. I like to think I'm more experienced with computers than the average person, I use the command prompt every day and I know how to access the command line in the command prompt but I have

c++In game programming are global variables bad 2015-07-17

I know my gut reaction to global variables is "badd!" but in the two game development courses I've taken at my college globals were used extensively, and now in the DirectX 9 game programming tutorial I am using (www.directxtutorial.com) I'm bei

iphone: how to build an IPA file from self-made app 2015-06-24

I programmed a small app for iOS, and I used Mac OS X 10.6.6, Xcode 3.2.5 and iOS SDK 4.2, all running in a Virtual Box machine 4.0. now I want the app to run on my iphone and to distribute it to some beta testers. because I'm not a registered apple

c++Polymorphic Enums 2015-06-25

Polymorphic Enums? In C++, we often use polymorphism to allow old code to handle new code--for instance, as long as we subclass the interface expected by a function, we can pass in the new class and expect it to work correctly with the code that was

cError using gets because it is dangerous 2015-07-15

Possible Duplicate: Why is the `gets' function is dangerous? Why should not be used? Just started a tutorial in socket programming. But I got this error after compiling with gcc. How to overcome this gets dangerous? In function `main': tcpserver.c:(.

Suggestions for WPF & WCF projects 2015-07-15

I am trying to work on a home project so I can get some practice working on WPF & WCF applications. Can anyone give out suggestions on a sample WPF and or WCF applications that I can develop? A project I was thinking about was to help regulate my tee

iosHow to populate a TableView with an Array of Objects 2015-07-16

I have a TableView Controller that I want to populate with Objects from an array. I am using StoryBoard. Also, I am not sure if I need to place Labels in the Cell Prototype in storyboard as a type of placeholder? My aList Mutable Array contains objec

androidUIImageView for showing the application loading progress 2015-07-16

I have a launch screen which contains application logo, say test. As the application will start loading, the logo will gradually starts filling like this. In the end, when the application will be loaded completely, it will look like this. One point I

iosCalling A Method At Specific Time Every Day 2015-07-16

My app runs constantly in kiosk mode. Once every 24 hours at a specific time I need to sync some data from core data to a web service. I know how to do the sync piece but I don't know how to schedule the app to make the sync call at a specific time e

web servicesREST and SOAP webservice in android 2015-07-16

I found tutorial to use kSOAP api to use SOAP webservice. Can anyone provide me sample programs (tutorial) on getting REST webservice and SOAP webservice in android. I have googled lot but didn't find such type of tutorial. SOAP Pros: Langauge, platf

iphoneNSUserDefault persisance advantages and disadvantages 2015-07-17

I am new to NSUserDefault 1) what kind of data can we store in NSUserDefault and cant we store in NSUserDefault? 2) can We achieve RDMS concepts in NSUserDefault like SQlite? 3) where is it stored and can we acces it directly like Sqlite? With NSUser

Pre-increment operation in C 2015-07-19

I'm just starting a beginner's guide to games programming tutorial in C. I'm a little confused with the code below. At main gameOverTick is set to zero, then we have a case when the game is over case GAME_OVER: printStatus("GAME OVER!!! The evil Dark

piUnderstanding Mathematical Formula in Java 2015-07-19

Im just trying to get back into the way of programming in the Java language after having a rather large break so I decided to write a program that calculates PI to the users input number: e.g. they enter 5, it would return 3.14159. I've come across t

javascriptCannot understand node.js 2015-07-19

From someone with few experience in JS, what do you recommend for learning Node.js? I read a lot in the forum about event driven, non-blocking , async, callbacks, etc but I don't know what's that! Where can I learn the basics in order to understand a
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