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Revolution Padded Shorts, Large 2015-09-11

Womens pair of shorts 2015-09-13

Women's cargo shorts 2015-09-15

Padded shorts 2015-09-19

Burton Emerald Womens Snowboard Boots 2015-09-11

socketsRemoving padding from UDP packets in python (Linux) 2015-07-23

I am trying to remove null padding from UDP packets sent from a Linux computer. Currently it pads the size of the packet to 60 bytes. I am constructing a raw socket using AF_PACKET and SOCK_RAW. I created everything from the ethernet frame header, ip

Snowboard boots FLOW THE ASNR LACE, UK size 6, NEW 2015-09-12

womens bike gear 2015-10-01

Mountain bike in excellent conditions 2015-09-12

hashFastest possible string key lookup for known set of keys 2015-07-19

Consider a lookup function with the following signature, which needs to return an integer for a given string key: int GetValue(string key) { ... } Consider furthermore that the key-value mappings, numbering N, are known in advance when the source cod

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SUZUKI 1200 BANDIT 2015-09-10

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