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c#Proper structuring of Lucene.Net usage in an ASP.NET MVC site 2015-06-22

I'm building an ASP.NET MVC site where I plan to use Lucene.Net. I've envisioned a way to structure the usage of Lucene, but not sure whether my planned architecture is OK and efficient. My Plan: On Application_Start event in Global.asax: I check for

c#Reactive Extensions memory usage 2015-06-22

I have the following code in a WPF application using Reactive Extensions for .NET: public MainWindow() { InitializeComponent(); var leftButtonDown = Observable.FromEvent<MouseButtonEventArgs>(this, "MouseLeftButtonDown"); var leftButtonUp

haskell100% CPU usage with zeromq Push socket with 0 listeners 2015-06-22

I am currently in the process of implementing a communication pipeline between several processes using ZeroMQ, all using the Push/Pull mechanism. The pipeline starts with a 'ventilator' that generates tasks, and here is where my problem also starts:

GIT usage in corporate world 2015-06-22

Possible Duplicate: Distributed Version Control Systems and the Enterprise - a Good mix? I came across git some six months ago. Its nice, took me while for switching over from SVN to GIT. One thing that you will easily notice about git is the speed,

Remove this [usage]Meta 2015-06-22

usage (400+ Questions) is too ambiguous to be kept around. Some Questions add the tag just because there is a concept if using something in the body. Some have tags like memoryusage, and should either be made memory-usage or just re-tagged to memory-

c++Usage of GPL plugins for proprietary software 2015-06-23

I've read existing questions about this topic on here already, but none of them seem to address my question so far. Here is the situation: We are developing a closed-source/proprietary software for a few customers. Our software is written in C++ and

systemHow to get current CPU and RAM usage in Python 2015-06-23

What's your preferred way of getting current system status (current CPU, RAM, free disk space, etc.) in Python? Bonus points for *nix and Windows platforms. There seems to be a few possible ways of extracting that from my search: Using a library such

c++Correct usage of asio::io_service::strand 2015-06-23

Here is my code: void client_connection::serve() { asio::async_read(this->socket_, asio::buffer(&buffer_, buffer_.size()), // predicate/condition (do I wrap this?) std::bind(&client_connection::handle_read_predicate, this->shared_from_this()

c++Which of FILE* or ifstream has better memory usage 2015-06-23

I need to read fixed number of bytes from files, whose sizes are around 50MB. To be more precise, read a frame from YUV :0 CIF/QCIF files (~25KB to ~100KB per frame). Not very huge number but I don't want whole file to be in the memory. I'm using

windowsGet python application memory usage 2015-06-23

My main goal is to know how much memory my python application takes during execution. I'm using python 2.7.5 on Windows-32 and Windows-64. I found a way to get some info about my process here:

elasticsearchRegarding elastic search memory usage 2015-06-23

I am currently using elasticsearch 0.9.19. The machine I am using is havng around 300Gb disk space and the RAM on it is around 23Gb. I have allocated around 10Gb of ram to elastic search. My operations are write intensive. They are around 1000docs/s.

javaHow do I discover memory usage of my application in Android 2015-06-24

How can I find the memory used on my Android application, programmatically? I hope there is a way to do it. Plus, how do I get the free memory of the phone too? Note that memory usage on modern operating systems like Linux is an extremely complicated

Get CPU usage with AppleScript 2015-06-24

I have an AppleScript: on run set pathName to "/Users/Alexander/Documents/GeekTool/DiskCapacityMeter" set usedSpace to (do shell script "df -hl | grep 'disk0s2' | awk '{sub(/%/, \"\");print $5}'") as integer set theNumber to

cRealistic usage of the C99 &#39;restrict&#39; keyword 2015-06-24

I was browsing through some documentation and questions/answers and saw it mentioned. I read a brief description, stating that it would be basically a promise from the programmer that the pointer won't be used to point somewhere else. Can anyone offe
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