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c#Expose Class properties to Visual Studio Properties window 2015-07-17

I have a Visual Studio Extensions project with VSPackage extending Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Package. There is this class: public class PropertyPageItem { private string _item1; private string _item2; public PropertyPageItem() { _item1 = "ITEM1&qu

C++: _beginthreadex and Visual Studio Threads window 2015-06-23

I recently learnt that ::_beginthreadex is always preferrable to ::CreateThread, so I went and replaced all my calls to ::CreateThread. The only downside is that I no longer see the thread function's name in Visual Studio's Threads window. I assume t

c#Visual Studio Watch window not taking into account usings 2015-06-26

I have the following code in a view model: public Point Location { get { var rangePixels = Range * PixelsPerMile; var xCoordinate = OwnLocation.X * MapScale + rangePixels * Math.Cos(Theta); var yCoordinate = OwnLocation.Y * MapScale - rangePixels * M

c++Visual Studio assembler window scrolls forever 2015-07-22

I put a break point in my C++, within Visual Studio 2012. I run the code, right click the line at which the break point as been encountered and then select "Go to Dissembly". A new window appears, showing what does look like the assembler for my

Problems with Visual Studio 2008, Windows 7, GAC 2015-08-12

The issue has been giving me nightmares since Monday. Everything was going fine till i received my new Windows 7 64-bit PC. Since our application is basically run on 32-bit machines. I recompiled all my projects as x86 (earlier this was configured as

visual studio 2010Supported Windows compilers in CUDA 2015-08-12

I am a complete novice CUDA programmer trying to get started, and I am encountering the issue mentioned here with version 5.5 "clean" error with CUDA 5.5 in Visual Studio 2010 Express Can anyone confirm that this is an issue with version 5.5 onl

c++Is there a summary of visual studio 2008 runtime versions 2015-07-19

I've been looking into a strange problem where loading of one of our application's dlls fails on certain systems (using the Global Flags loader snap flag shows it's somewhere within LoadLibraryEx). The logs in windbg show that there seem to be severa
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