used conservatory ebay

Used Conservatory for sale 2015-09-13

Ebay API, Change currency 2015-07-15

Is there anyway to get an item in another currency using the Ebay API? Very simple. All you have to do is change the site ID parameter. Since you didn't specify a language, I'm going to assume you're doing this HTTP-GET and just parsing the XML. The

Ebay API: List the items bought 2015-07-15

I need to list the items bought using the eBay API, but can't seem to find any method for that purpose. The language doesn't matter. Thanks. Look here, specifically the GetOrders call. Info: GetOrders is the recommended call to use for order (sales)

c#EBay API Response Type Errors 2015-07-15

I have a 1 million dollar question here. I am using the ebay API for all sorts of calls and they all work perfectly. no issues individually. But If I do an order call and then an addfixed price item request my response is: Error Adding New Item - Ser

phpEbay PN-Link-Generator -> Ebay API 2015-07-15

I just started to use the ebay-API but couldn´t find a way to accomplish my needs. Also this should be really simple normaly. I want to know if it is possible to pass just any ebay-url to the API(php) and get a new link with my affiliate-parameters a

python 2.7Using eBay API to insert Json to PostgreSQL 2015-08-08

I'm using the eBay API in Python 2.7. I'm attempting to extract my data into json and dump it into PostgreSQL 9.3. While I'm able to get the information from eBay, I'm having a difficult time getting the json into PostgreSQL. I'm currently using psyc

Conservatory Furniture - 1 x 2 seater and 2 x singles 2015-09-09

Volunteer EBay Specialist in Motherwell 2015-09-11

conservatory upvc (professionaly dismantled+labelled) 2015-09-12

Brown upvc conservatory(dismantled),delivery+rebuilding 2015-09-12

Brown upvc conservatory(professionally dismantled+labelled) 2015-09-12

Conservatory upvc 392cm x 350cm professionally dismantled,labelled 2015-09-16

Conservatory Suite 2 seater and single Cane chair, Very good condition 2015-09-21


Volunteer Ebay Assistant 2015-09-27

Volunteer eBay Assistant Airdrie 2015-09-29

Full length Upvc conservatory 3m×3m (professionally dismantled,labeled) 2015-10-01

c++Programmatically reading a web page 2015-06-23

I want to write a program in C/C++ that will dynamically read a web page and extract information from it. As an example imagine if you wanted to write an application to follow and log an ebay auction. Is there an easy way to grab the web page? A libr
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