telecharger logiciel delphi ds150e

Delphi ds150e diagnostic machine and usi laptop note book with car,van and truck 2015-09-15


delphi ds150e 2015-09-09

Delphi Diagnostic Scanner and laptop( 307, 206, Megane, Corsa, Passat, BMW, Vans, Clio) 2015-09-10


matlabRead .wav file using delphi 2015-06-22

I now currently try to read .wav file using delphi here is my code : type TWaveHeader = packed record Marker_RIFF: array [0..3] of char; ChunkSize: cardinal; Marker_WAVE: array [0..3] of char; Marker_fmt: array [0..3] of char; SubChunkSize: cardinal;

delphi.wav sample data value starting index 2015-06-24

I've been use this code to read .wav data in delphi and i've been comparing the result with value i got from matlab function wavread. From which i can say that matlab function can automatically recognize which one is the sample data value, but not wi

Voice Recording/Saving in Delphi 2015-06-24

Is there a component or code that allows the following: Record a spoken word (or words) and save it/them to a file that can be played back. The file must be able to be played back on XP, Vista and Windows 7. The file can be either stand alone or save

audioRead and play Wav file in delphi 2015-06-24

How can I play uncompressed wav files in delphi? I mean reading the wav file byte by byte and sending the data directly to the speaker. I have searched the internet and found some functions for playing sound for a specified period of time. for exampl

Playing PCM Wav File in Delphi 2015-06-24

I have written a simple code that reads the header of a Wav File and then starts playing it. this is my code: unit Unit1; interface uses Winapi.Windows, Winapi.Messages, System.SysUtils, System.Variants, System.Classes, Vcl.Graphics, Vcl.Controls, Vc

Scroll Wheel in Delphi 7 with CodeRush 2015-06-24

One casualty of my brief dalliance with Delphi 2010 and subsequent return to using Delphi 7 was my acceptance of the wheel-scrolling behaviour in Delphi 7 with CodeRush installed. The scroll wheel scrolls horizontally in that environment, which I've

How to create an instance of object with RTTI in Delphi 2010 2015-06-25

As we all known, when we call a constructor of a class like this: instance := TSomeClass.Create; The Delphi compiler actually do the following things: Call the static NewInstance method to allocate memory and initialize the memory layout. Call the co

c++Explicitly expressing ownership in Delphi 2015-06-25

I'm primarily a C++ programmer, and I've grown used to having class templates like std::unique_ptr, std::shared_ptr, etc for expressing ownership of my objects. Does Delphi have anything that is similar in its standard library? Are there any best-pra

How to access OpenGL rendering context on Android with Delphi XE5 2015-06-28

How to create OpenGL rendering context on Android device when developing an application with Delphi XE5? Basically I don't know where to start. There are no OpenGL examples yet. What I would expect to exist: Some kind of event (Panel.OnRender) that w

Delphi XE5: Deployed file not found on android device 2015-06-28

I am trying to write a small app using delphi xe5. The app has a TClientDataSet that I try to LoadFromFile on my android device. Before loading I check if the file is really present with if not fileExists(...) I deploy the corresponding xml-file (bio

Delphi XE5 AndroidScreen resolution & device profiles 2015-06-28

I started doing an app for android in Delphi XE5, and encountered some troubles. First one was, when creating new profile for device in design time. I created new profile for my HTC One (M7), which has 4,7" screen at 1080x1920 resolution. When create

Delphi XE5Debug mode for Android 2015-06-28

I don't know how to run my Android applications (built with Delphi XE5) in a step-by-step debug mode. How to do this? Following information may be helpfull: Build configuration is Debug; Apps are executed on a real device; I've tried to place breakpo

How to deploy .ini files in Delphi Android App 2015-06-28

I cannot find how I distribute my .ini files with my Android app. Not only .ini files, but also example files and help files. I presume there is a way to distribute these files together with the app but I cannot find how to do that with Delphi. I wou
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