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Allow Room Owners in chat room to be pinged as a groupMeta 2015-06-23

Is it possible to add the ability for Room Owners (ROs), as a group, to be "pinged" in the same manner that a normal user can be pinged? At the moment, someone can ping me with @Ffisegydd. I propose that ROs should be ping-able with a similar &q

Allow multiple chat rooms in the same browser windowMeta 2015-07-15

Problem Having multiple tabs open, or using the "other rooms you're in" feature, are both slightly cumbersome ways to see what's going on in different chat rooms. Solution Possible solution :) Allow multiple chats to display on the screen at onc

Chat room handling questionsMeta 2015-06-23

Today it was the first time I tried to use a chat room and ran into some discrepancies between what I expected how it would work and how it really works: Found no invite button. How do you invite someone to join a chat (room)? After I created a room

Do chat room links belong in tag wikisMeta 2015-06-27

I just got an edit review for a tag wiki change removing a link from a tag wiki. This answer seems to suggest that chat rooms are Considered Harmful and/or only for Secret Masters of SO, so possibly the link was removed on that

phpCreate Multi User Chat Room in Ejabberd 2015-07-19

Up to now I have successfully installed ejabberd and registered two user for a one-one chat. In client side i used strophe and is working fine with one-one chat. Now I am moving on to multi user chat and have to create chat room with limited users to

socketsCreate multiple chat rooms in LAN 2015-08-08

I want to create multiple chat rooms in LAN,there is a example to define my question:In WarIII,chose LAN play,when you created a play room, then everyone in this LAN will see that room is created and choose to join this one or another. So how can I c

Burdon House, Sunderland City Centre - Rooms available 2015-09-10

City Centre Room To Let 400pcm 2015-09-10

FEMALE City Centre Rooms to rent between July 2015 – June 2016 2015-09-17

FEMALE PROFESSIONAL City Centre Rooms to rent during 1st July 2015 until end of June 2016 2015-09-17

Ultimate Talking BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Room Guard 2015-09-11

Large city centre room available July 15th- Sept 1st 2015-09-11

City centre room 2015-09-18

autocompleteChrome ugly message when autofill is disabled 2015-07-14

Since Chrome recently upgraded, I've started to see the message "This web page has disabled automatic filling for this form." all over my website when form controls are clicked (OK, accidently double clicked) where autocomplete="off" (
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