United Kingdom

Miss Plus Size United Kingdom 2015 tickets 2015-09-09

Cheap Graco Baby car seat As Good As New for 0 to 9 months in Swindon, United Kingdom 2015-09-22

Cheap Baby Car seat for 0 to 9 month old babies in Swindon, United Kingdom 2015-09-22

Half price: Life in the United Kingdom:Official Practice Questions & Answers 2013 edition(Paperback) 2015-09-11

Rover 414/ MG ZS fuel pump in United Kingdom, brand new in box 2015-09-13

Man and van, man with van, Removals, House move, van hire from 15p/h All United kingdom and London 2015-09-15

Air Intake System (SRI) in United Kingdom (Mazda 3 or 6 MPS JBR Power Path) 2015-09-27

dynamicSet value for Spinner with custom Adapter in Android 2015-06-22

I am developing a android application with spinner in a form. The spinner items and spinner values are different. I want to collect all the value from the from including spinner and set a rest api service to web back end. here is the response array.

javaStackExchange APIDeserialize Date in JSON Response 2015-06-22

I am trying to use stackexchange api. In this link I am trying to get some users information. If you run, it you will get the JSON response. { "items": [ { "badge_counts": { "bronze": 5630, "silver": 4212, "gol

sql serverXPath on XML in SQLServer 2015-06-23

What is wrong with this??? My task is next: I have a XML file and I need to show all cities wheare are no Mick. !!! Cities are not unique. So, for example, I has Mick-London, Tom-London, Charles-Paris. The right answer is Paris only. Query is for SQL

localizationlooking for a list of all available languages in iOS 2015-06-24

I've been searching the net, but I don't seem to be able to find a comprehensive list of all languages available on the iPhone, iPod and iPad mobile devices (one list for all, or separate lists if different) When I go thru the selection on my iPhone

asp.netHow to write this condition in C# Winform 2015-06-24

I have a button to choose a sender. When clicked on that button shows all sender's details such as sender ID, country, name etc. And likewise for the Receiver. Now, if I choose one sender, it will auto populate the parent form fields with the name, c

character encodingWhich charset for a new SQL server database 2015-06-27

I am preparing a new database server, where I will migrate data from a big, existing, multilingual database (mostly english/french/spanish text, rarely special characters from other languages for e.g. city names). It will be mostly used with PHP appl

htmlHow to apply an active state to a CSS sprite 2015-06-27

I have created a css sprite of flags to use as image links to that country's version of the website I am working on. The problem is that before, individual flag images were used and an active class was applied to the flag of the site you were current

androidget available locales for tts 2015-06-27

I'm working on a text-to-speech implementation of a flashcard program. Text in different languages should be read out. In order to do this properly the user has to select the language of the text to read (will be stored and used later without questio
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