Property mvc 4Foreach property in item from list 2015-06-22

I'm revamping a small helpdesk application (moving from ASP classic to MVC4). This is my first full MVC application. I've opted to go with Razor, and I feel like it's pretty intuitive. But I've hit a wall on this part. I get a list of tickets from th

html5Meaning of property attribute in html 2015-06-22

I just saw on one of the sites there is property attribute defined with some tags. For example:- <span property="amount">100</span> I searched on net but there was no property attribute as such on w3schools atleast. Can somebody plea

htmlHow to disable resizable property of textarea 2015-06-22

I want to disable the resizable property of a textarea. Currently, I can resize a textarea by clicking on the bottom right corner of the textarea and dragging the mouse. How can I disable this? The following CSS rule disables resizing behavior for te

jqueryMimic the css background cover img property in html 2015-06-22

Thanks all for your responses. However, I haven't found any good answer to my question. So let me be more clear. PURPOSE As I'm working on SEO, I need to include images as html elements and mimic all the css attributes. What I currently have I added

propertiesHow can I make a class property in python 2015-06-22

In python I can add a method to a class with the @classmethod decorator. Is there a similar decorator to add a property to a class? I can better show what I'm talking about. class Example(object): the_I = 10 def __init__( self ): self.an_i = 20 @prop

reflectionHow to modify .NET Assembly read-only property 2015-06-22

I want to modify Assembly.Location property at runtime in my application. I'm loading .NET Assemblies from the resources, and the loaded Assemblies (loaded from the memory) has this field empty and it breaks down application functionality. I have no

objective cSorting Array of custom class object by date property 2015-06-22

I have an array of objects created from a custom class. Each object has an NSDate property. What is the easiest and quickest way to order all of these objects based on their dates properties? (in order from most recent to least recent). NSSortDescrip

cssTransitions on the display: property 2015-06-22

I'm currently designing a kind of CSS 'mega dropdown' menu - basically a normal CSS-only dropdown menu, but one that contains different types of content. My question is more of a 'can you think of a way around this problem' sort of thing. At the mome

Dapper .Net : table column and model property type mismatch 2015-06-22

Actually I have a query which returns result containing column(for ex.Address) of type varchar but the domain model for that table containing property of type object(for ex. Address Address).Because of which it trows error which says could not cast s

c#Binding to property in code 2015-06-22

Ok, so I know that there are a lot of questions like this, but none of them seem to help me. So I have a property that I wan't to use to set the visibility of a TabItem (so I'm not interested in updates of the property). The problem is just that the

c++Boost Graph Libraryweight property from external vector 2015-06-23

What am I doing wrong? #include <vector> #include <boost/graph/adjacency_list.hpp> #include <boost/graph/dijkstra_shortest_paths.hpp> using namespace std; typedef boost::adjacency_list<> Graph; void dijkstra(Graph &g, vector<
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