c#Pool with MySQL and ASP.NET MVC 2015-06-24

I am developing a web application with ASP.NET and MySQL, but I am not using the SqlClient provider. I read somewhere (I do not remember where) that if I need to establish a connection pool I need to add some lines to file web.config. To make a conne

multithreadingPython multiprocessing pool inside daemon process 2015-06-25

I opened up a question for this problem and did not get a thorough enough answer to solve the issue (most likely due to a lack of rigor in explaining my issues which is what I am attempting to correct): Zombie process in python multiprocessing daemon

Use of initialize in python multiprocessing worker pool 2015-06-25

I was looking into the multiprocessing.Pool for workers, trying to initialize workers with some state. The pool can take a callable, initialize, but it isn't passed a reference to the initialized worker. The few example that I've seen utilize it call

Python multiprocessing pool hangs at join 2015-06-25

I'm trying to run some python code on several files in parallel. The construct is basically: def process_file(filename, foo, bar, baz=biz): # do stuff that may fail and cause exception if __name__ == '__main__': # setup code setting parameters foo, b

pythonParallel processing loop using multiprocessing Pool 2015-06-25

I want to process a large for loop in parallel, and from what I have read the best way to do this is to use the multiprocessing library that comes standard with Python. I have a list of around 40,000 objects, and I want to process them in parallel in

c++Intel TBB: pool of graphs 2015-06-25

I have a data processing model which is made of many chains of algorithms processing data chunks. Each chain is a graph of algorithms, which I implemented with the TBB graph class. Now I would like to have something like a "pool of graphs", i.e.

c#Availability of threads in a thread pool 2015-06-26

How to find 60%(Or N%) availability of threads from a thread pool? What is the logic behind this? Parent thread spawning multiple urls using thread pool threads and waiting for the completion of all child threads. Code is given below; Parent Thread p

pythonTypeError while retrieving pool.apply_async() result 2015-06-27

Question I have an exception being raised that I cannot determine the cause of, and would appreciate help resolving it. Background I have a pool of workers in Python 2.7.6 that I use to launch several functions asynchronously, and after closing and j

pyramid pooling and max pooling in convolution neural network 2015-06-27

I would like to use Gaussian pyramid for pooling in convolution neural network. The target for this is to build a decovolution network to reconstruct the input(a image). That is to say when I obtain a convolution neural network model to generate some

Android:sound pool and service 2015-06-28

I have create the service which implement the media player class to play the back ground music.But now i want to convert into sound pool so that multiple sound can be played. can help any on which can provide me the some link of source code? Thanks i

concurrencyCustom thread pool in Java 8 parallel stream 2015-07-15

Is it possible to specify a custom thread pool for Java 8 parallel stream? I can not find it anywhere. Imagine that I have a server application and I would like to use parallel streams. But the application is large and multi-threaded so I want to com

concurrencyHow to Tell if a Thread Pool is Idle in Java 2015-07-15

I have a thread pool created using java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor Is there anyway I can wait till the pool is idle? By which I mean all the threads are not running and nothing is waiting in the queue. I searched the web and all the solutions
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