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Xbox 360 e newest model 250gb hardrive boxed 7 games 2015-09-13

Xbox 360 e newest model 250gb hardrive boxed with 1 controller ,1 remote,1 charging cable, 1 headset, fifa 11, fifa 12,call of duty 4 ,call of duty modern warfare 2 and 3, call of duty black ops 1 and 2 hasnt been used in ages since got xbox one £120

Create new file from templates with bash script 2015-06-22

I have to create conf files and init.d which are very similar. These files permit to deploy new http service on my servers. These files are the same and only some parameters change from one file to another (listen_port, domain, path on server...). As

What is the 'new' keyword in JavaScript 2015-06-22

The new keyword in JavaScript can be quite confusing when it is first encountered, as people tend to think that JavaScript is not an object-oriented programming language. What is it? What problems does it solve? When is it appropriate and when not? I

windowslibsvm crashes when using my new data-set 2015-06-22

I am trying to use the tool included in libsvm. My platform is windows 8. I tested if my setup with python and gnuplot works using the accompanied heart_scale and train_set files and both work. I was working in weka and exported my data-set t

c++Array placement-new requires unspecified overhead in the buffer 2015-06-22

5.3.4 [] of the C++11 Feb draft gives the example: new(2,f) T[5] results in a call of operator new[](sizeof(T)*5+y,2,f). Here, x and y are non-negative unspecified values representing array allocation overhead; the result of the new-expressio

Welcome two new moderators: Matt and Jon!Meta 2015-06-22

Moderator bluefeet has decided to step down in order to pursue a new career. While we all wish her the best of luck, there's no denying that her efforts will be missed... Especially the hundreds of flags she handled on a daily basis. Therefore, Stack

Is it OK to repost deleted answers as new answersMeta 2015-06-22

This answer had 2 downvotes and was deleted (you'll need 10k rep to see it). But then the answerer posted the same answer (with a slight edit) as a completely new answer, and it removed his/her downvotes. Is this allowed/fair? In this particular case
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