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listWhat are those little "u" in my tuple (python 2.7) 2015-06-24

This question already has an answer here: What does the 'u' symbol mean in front of string values? 2 answers So i'm getting data from something sqlExtractor, I can't touch to sqlExtractor. problem is sqlExtractor is giving me a list of tuple (I'd lik

cDoes my AMD-based machine use little endian or big endian 2015-07-14

I'm going though a computers system course and I'm trying to establish, for sure, if my AMD based computer is a little endian machine? I believe it is because it would be Intel-compatible. Specifically, my processor is an AMD 64 Athlon x2. I understa

javaAndroid little endian MD5 2015-07-15

I'm porting a Windows app to Android and I'm running into an issue with endianness. The app takes a series of text fields from the user and generates a password based on MD5. The problem is when I create the byte array to pass into the MD5 digest met

Make bounty description in Help Center a little more clearMeta 2015-07-15

I feel this paragraph from "How is a bounty awarded?" under What is a bounty? How can I start one? is a little bit unclear/incomplete: If you do not award your bounty within 7 days (plus the grace period), the highest voted answer created after

algorithmDifference between Big-O and Little-O Notation 2015-07-16

What is the difference between Big-O notation O(n) and Little-O notation o(n)? f ∈ O(g) says, essentially For at least one choice of a constant k > 0, you can find a constant a such that the inequality f(x) < k g(x) holds for all x > a. Note that

algorithmExponentials: Little Oh 2015-07-16

This question already has an answer here: Difference between Big-O and Little-O Notation 3 answers What does n^b = o(a^n) (o is little oh) mean, intuitively? I am just beginning to self teach my self algorithms and I am having hard time interpreting

algorithmTrouble understanding little-o notation example 2015-07-16

I'm having trouble with this one problem 9n <= cn^3 basically I can get down to 9/c <= n^2 But how do I solve the rest? definition of little o is we say f(x)=o(g(x)). let f(x)=9*x and g(x)=c*x^3 where c is a positive constant. when x tends to infini

big oUsage of Little-O notation 2015-07-16

I think understand the principle difference between big-O and little-o notations. But could anyone tell me why big-O is much more popular in practice? As @Blender noted in the comments, there is already a long post which includes the answer to this q

node.jsNodeJS Buffer- read little endian buffer 2015-07-17

I have a 256-bit long but written as a little endian: <Buffer 21 a2 bc 03 6d 18 2f 11 f5 5a bd 5c b4 32 a2 7b 22 79 7e 53 9b cb 44 5b 0e 00 00 00 00 00 00 00> How can I correctly print it as a hexadeciaml value? buf.toString('hex') buk.toString('hex
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