Missing Cream White Dog Clayton Area 2015-09-09



4 bedroom house in Clayton, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 2015-09-12

Clayton surfboard 6'4 2015-09-13

George Clooney Michael Clayton DVD 2015-09-19

Clayton Street West Apartment 2015-09-10

***2 BED FLAT BD7*** 61 CLAYTON ROAD 2015-09-18

Local Courier – Self Employed -Slaithwaite &Marsden &Newmill &Shelley &Clayton West &Emley &Lepton 2015-10-01

iosProvide xcodebuild with .mobileprovision file 2015-06-22

I am setting up Jenkins for automating iOS builds. Are there any possibility to provide a .mobileprovision file that is not added to the provisioning tool in Xcode to xcodebuild? I know that I can use PROVISIONING_PROFILE and PROVISIONING_PROFILE[sdk

Why not move off-topic questions instead of closingMeta 2015-06-22

This question already has an answer here: Is there a less restrictive Stack Exchange site specially suited for not too specific questions? 3 answers It seems there must be hundreds of questions closed as off-topic. For example: Python - PYTHONPATH in

HTML5 video, waiting for video end, waiting for video ready 2015-06-27

Hello as you can see from my sample code i am trying to play an array of videos back to back. What i attempt to do is create a for loop which cycles for the length of the array. Within the for loop i call a PlayAVideo function that empties a div and

statusbarHeight of status bar in Android 2015-07-16

What's the height of the status bar in Android? Is it always the same? From my measurements it seems that it's 25dp, but I'm not sure if it has the same height on all platforms. (I want to know this to properly implement a fade transition from an act

bashHow to detect if my shell script is running through a pipe 2015-07-17

How do I detect from within a shell script if its standard output is targetting a terminal or if it's piped to another process? (Case in point: I'd like to add escape codes to colorize output, but only when run interactively, but not when piped, simi

How to reverse a string in Go 2015-07-19

How can we reverse a simple string in Go? A Perl-like 'reverse' function does not seem to exist there. In Go1 rune is a builtin type. func Reverse(s string) string { runes := []rune(s) for i, j := 0, len(runes)-1; i < j; i, j = i+1, j-1 { runes[i], r

subsetError in R Subsetting data frame and then using sapply 2015-08-12

I'm attempting to run a regression (lm) over groups of data (counties) in a data frame. However, i first want to filter that data frame (dat) to exclude some groups with too few data points. I get get everything to work fine as long as i don't subset

stringC++ cout output Meshes, some names blank 2015-08-13

OUTPUT: day 1: meetVasco de Gama meetLittle Pony Gacy is dead!!***DER HAS OCCURED .... and now Adolf Hitler ---------- Action Jackson, the indomitable CSI agent, is on it --------- ! who killed Adolf Hitlerthe crime room, he got his perp and it's Cla

Bed rooms,close to city centre,Metro Link,On-Suit rooms available,BILL'S INCLUDED, NEWLY REFURBISHED 2015-09-09

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