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c++request for member `...' is ambiguous in g++ 2015-06-24

I'm getting the following compile error in one of my classes, using gcc 3.4.5 (mingw): src/ModelTester/CModelTesterGui.cpp:1308: error: request for member `addListener' is ambiguous include/utility/ISource.h:26: error: candidates are: void utility::I

c++Default template arguments for function templates 2015-06-25

Why are default template arguments only allowed on class templates? Why can't we define a default type in a member function template? For example: struct mycclass { template<class T=int> void mymember(T* vec) { // ... } }; Instead, C++ forces that d

Release AudioRecord android when other app request for recording 2015-06-28

I have an audio recording service in my app which will record the sound continuously. So, it will always occupy the AudioRecord. It means no other app can use audio recorder as it is already occupied by the service. Is there any way to notify that ot

c++How can I see the type deduced for a template type parameter 2015-07-16

Is there an easy way to force compilers to show me the type deduced for a template parameter? For example, given template<typename T> void f(T&& parameter); const volatile int * const pInt = nullptr; f(pInt); I might want to see what type is

javaHow can I post request for SOAP service in android 2015-07-16

Possible Duplicate: Android, sending XML via HTTP POST (SOAP) How can I post request for SOAP service in android? Please give me some example Thank you for sharing knowledge to me Use the KSoap library, this is a codesnippet from my project: SoapObje

c++request for member nci is ambiguous 2015-07-17

My assistant professor class is derived from two classes : enseigner class (which derive from personal) and PHD student ( whiche derive from Student class and student class dervie from peronal) i get the following error "request for member nci is amb

Best setup for c++ template/generic/metaprogramming 2015-07-19

I am writing/maintaining some heavily templated code in c++. I am currently compiling it on windows but it is getting slower to compile and harder to write. I want to know if there are any Tools Other Compilers Compiler Switch IDE Practice Dependency

c++template template paramater expansion for variadic templates 2015-07-19

I recently learned about the existence of template template parameters and was now wondering if something like this would be possible: template<template<class... > class Container, typename... args> struct ContainerTemplate { using container =
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