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phpSetting up a fresh web developer environment OS X or Unix 2015-07-23

I am doing a clean install of OS X Snow Leopard and I was wondering what people think should go into the ideal web developer environment? Can I get a good rundown of things you would do when setting up a clean system? My main focus is HTML, CSS, PHP,

phpSetting up a (web) development environment 2015-07-23

I would like to know how I can improve my development environment. At the moment: I'm using Netbeans as my IDE. My local Dev server runs on a RHEL5 VirtualMachine similar to my production server. My Netbeans project is editing the VM files via ssh (I

Perl/Python Developer 2015-09-17

eclipseSetting up Android Development Environment on Windows 7 2015-06-28

I want to start learning Android developement. I have a windows 7 Home Premium Operating System. My problem is I am not able to setup the environment of developing android. Here is what I have done till now. I have installed Java (both 32 bit and 64

eclipsePHP development environment best practices 2015-07-14

There are so many options when it comes to PHP development environments and you have to piece it all together yourself. I'm wondering if someone has come up with what they think is the ideal setup that gets out of your way and lets you develop. Right

ARM development environment for newbies 2015-07-19

I am looking for some information on programming ARM devices, in a particular non-particular way [1]. Assume that I am writing code for an ARM processor that is used a machine similar to a Apple II/Atari "**" XL/Commodore 64/DOS-PC, or even some

Which text editor for python development 2015-07-23

Possible Duplicate: What IDE to use for Python? Which is the preferred text editor for python development, Vim, emacs or any other ? There is no preferred editor for anything. It's whatever your personal preference is. I personally prefer emacs with

Project Ideas for medium level Java/Python developer 2015-08-12

I am a Python and Java developer with about 1.5 years of coding experience and I am looking for a fun but challenging project to engage myself in. What are some fun and interesting project ideas that are challenging enough to be note-worthy and usefu

Error install Riak python client on mac OSX 10.10 2015-06-25

I am trying to install the riak 2.0 python client on my mac osx 10.10 and getting the following error: ON INSTALLING FROM SOURCE: Installed /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/riak-2.1.0rc1-py2.7.egg Processing dependencies for riak==2.1.0rc1 Sear

python os.environ variable do not pass in the bash script 2015-07-23

I have a python script (using a pseudo-terminal) to pass an environment variable called "CDP": def download(self, dPluzz, donnees=None): # to call the bash script self.child_pid = self.v.fork_command(None, ['/bin/bash', 'dPluzz-cli', '-f', dest,

osxHow to delete bash history in python script on Mac 2015-06-25

I want to delete bash history with a python script on my Macbook Pro. I know two ways to delete bash history with bash shell 1.rm ~/.bash_history 2.history -c But these command does not work in python script with subprocess: 1.rm ~/.bash_history impo

osxcanopy python turtle on mac 64bit (solved) 2015-06-27

IMPORTANT i did not notice that there were two different places where i had to change the settings from Qt4 to SVG. I changed them both and the problem regarding the "no Turtle found" was solved. I need to thank Jonathan March, who turned me in

Jedi/rope/emacs configuration for python development 2015-07-17

I think I'm having the same problem as this user in getting Jedi.el to work, but more trouble with the solution. I've installed EPC Rope ropemacs pymacs python-mode.el-6.1.3 pylint pyflakes I installed these things in a pretty vanilla way, using only
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