play multiple audio files javascript

Android Incoming call auto answer ,play a audio file 2015-06-28

Android at the time of incoming call ,I want to receive it from my apps automatically after answer must play an audio file during a call and the other party should hear it.Is this possible ? What you are talking about is not exactly possible with and

c#Playing Multiple wav files simultaneously 2015-07-15

I have to play 0 wav files together.In my application, When any camera(each camera has a different wav file to play as alarm on motion detection) detects a motion an alarm(wav) file is played. when multiple cameras (0) gets motion detection sim

How to play an audio file on a voice call in android 2015-07-16

I am developing an android application which must play an audio file during a call and the other party should hear it. Is there any way to do this in android? I searched for it by last 2 months, but no idea. If any of you crossed the same problem, pl

javascriptHow to play multiple mp3 files with Jplayer 2015-07-17

Here i'm using Jplayer an open source plugin for mp3 player. myPlaylist.add({ title:"Tempered Song", artist:"Miaow", mp3:"", }); But suppose If i've three anchor tag

htmlCordova play local audio file 2015-07-16

My cordova app downloads an audio file from the web. This works fine and the track is being saved in "cdvfile://localhost/persistent/JukeboxDownloads/Test.mp3" I get the URL of the file like that inside the success call of my downloader: entry.t

Android Continuously play and stop audio files 2015-07-16

I am building an Android application and I want to play multiple audio files back to back. I have a lot of audio files so I don't want to load them at once but as they are needed. I also need a way to stop the continuous playback. So as input I have

objective ciPhone won't play audio file 2015-07-15

I am trying to make a recording app, so obviously i need to be able to record and play an audio file. It seems like it's working, no errors at all, but it won't work. I'm not sure that it's actually recording? It should create the sound file itself,

how to play audio file in android 2015-07-16

I have a mp3 file in my android mobile, lets it's a xyz.mp3 somewhere in my sdcard. I want to play it through my application. Please help me I have no idea about it. Simply you can use MediaPlayer and play the audio file. Check out this nice example

how to play audio file from server in android 2015-07-16

I want to download audio file from url and play that audio file in my to implement this concept in my application.please help me Thanks Friends to play audio file from server try this try { MediaPlayer player = new MediaPlayer();

Android playing Audio Files 2015-07-16

I have an intent that launches an Audio Player Intent, and plays an Audio File. The Audio Player offcourse is external to my application. When the user presses the back button, my activity is again displayed to the user. I want the Audio Player to cl

html5Playing audio with Javascript 2015-06-27

I am making a game with HTML5 and Javascript. How could I play game audio via Javascript? It's easy, just get your audio element and call the play() method: document.getElementById('yourAudioTag').play(); Check out this example: http://www.storiesinf

Flash audio player that can play binary audio streams 2015-08-12

My server is streaming binary audio data (mostly mp3 files) to a client (a browser). This client stores the audio data in memory. What I'm looking for is a flash audio player that I can input the binary audio data so that it can play the audio file.

androidPlay audio file from the assets directory 2015-07-15

I have the following code: AssetFileDescriptor afd = getAssets().openFd("AudioFile.mp3"); player = new MediaPlayer(); player.setDataSource(afd.getFileDescriptor()); player.prepare(); player.start(); The problem is that, when I run this code, it
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