php gd library example

WHM enable PHP PDO library 2015-08-12

I just switched hosts from a shared to a vps host and I am configuring my WHM account. I want to be able to use the PHP PDO library. I know how to get to the apache update form and locate the pdo section. The only problem is that there are two option

Best PHP client library for accessing RabbitMQ (AMQP) 2015-07-18

There is a list of PHP clients on the RabbitMQ site. I'm asking this question in hopes that people who have used any of these can share their experiences here. E.g. Did you have any trouble installing? Is it stable? Were there any performance issues?

PHP GD library returns broken image 2015-07-19

My problem is that I can not create images using php library in Codeigniter. For example, I am using the sample code in below: header("Content-Type: image/png"); $im = @imagecreate(110, 20) or die("Cannot Initialize new GD image str

PHP GD Library making a collage issues 2015-07-17

I'm trying to create a collage of images using the GD library however all I ever get displayed on my screen is a broken image link. The im source files are gotten from a facebook URL - I checked the links to the images and all are valid. My loop code

Retrieve google user info using php client library 2015-08-12

Actually I used javascript client for retrieve user profile information. so I used following api call gapi.client.load('plus', 'v1', function() { var request ={ 'userId': 'me' }); request.execute(function(resp) { }); });

PHP, OOP practical example 2015-07-19

i am learning about the difference between abstract classes and interfaces, but theoretical explanations are hard to understand when you don't have practical example. i have read that: By updating the base class, all inheriting classes are automatica

Importing CSV data using PHP/MySQL- FULL EXAMPLE 2015-08-13

I'm following the first answer given here (Importing CSV data using PHP/MySQL) but I'm probably messing up some basic thing. Here how my code looks now: <?php $accounts = mysql_connect('localhost','root','mypass') or die (mysql_error()); mysql_select

PHP: Real world OOP example 2015-07-18

I am trying to learn OOP. The so called 'real world' examples in the books I am reading aren't helping. All the examples like Pet, Car, Human aren't helping me anymore. I need REAL LIFE examples that like registration, user profile pages, etc. An exa

oauth 2.0Fusion Tables insert row with PHP basic example 2015-08-13

Is there is an updated PHP client library for Fusion Tables? or maybe a very concrete copy+paste insert rows example? I I have visited and downloaded their latest release file, but while having example

javascriptjQuery Ajax POST example with PHP 2015-06-24

I am trying to send data from a form to a database. Here is the form I am using: <form name="foo" action="form.php" method="POST" id="foo"> <label for="bar">A bar</label> <input id=&qu

Lightweight Excel(xls/xlsx) php library needed 2015-07-17

Possible Duplicate: Alternative for PHP_excel A friend would like to use a Php Excel library to read/write files on formats xls and xlsx, he knows about the one called "PhpExcel" but apparently is way too big of a library for him. I would like y

parsingHow do you parse and process HTML/XML in PHP 2015-06-22

How can one parse HTML/XML and extract information from it? This is a General Reference question for the php tag Native XML Extensions I prefer using one of the native XML extensions since they come bundled with PHP, are usually faster than all the 3

PHP Importing XML feed packed in a zip file 2015-06-24

I want to automate the following: Once a day my cronjob starts a PHP script that obtains a zipped XML file from an URL. What would be the best way to handle this? Is there any way to directly read the XML file from within the zip file? Right now, i'm
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