out of body experience borderlands 2

Out of Body Experience & Near Death Experience Discussion - 3rd October 2015-09-10

html<head> tag pops out to <body> tag 2015-06-23

Something weird is happened to me when i write this code in tag in html: <div id="header1" style="background-color:white;color:grey;font-size:20px;"> <img id="MainImg" src="StatMarketlogo_final.gif" style=&

WWE Summerslam 1999 2015-09-13

Mens Billabong Wetsuit 4/3mm Solution Platinum with Tags 2015-09-13

htmlHow to apply CSS to iframe 2015-06-22

I have a simple page that has some iframe sections (to display RSS links). How can I apply the same CSS format from the main page to the page displayed in the iframe? Edit: This does not work cross domain. There are two different things here: the sty

pythonEfficient Way to Create Numpy Arrays from Binary Files 2015-06-27

I have very large datasets that are stored in binary files on the hard disk. Here is an example of the file structure: File Header 149 Byte ASCII Header Record Start 4 Byte Int - Record Timestamp Sample Start 2 Byte Int - Data Stream 1 Sample 2 Byte

javaInteractive Gantt chart 2015-07-14

I have been using jfreechart to create Gantt chart and even managed to add mile stone to it. I am also able to show these charts dynamically on the web page. But now I want to add more interactions to the chart so I need some kind of client side thin

Java servlet throw http 500 error on purpose 2015-07-15

I am developing a java servlet. I am using glassfish server 4. End users are sending me information through URL parametars, something like this: http://myIP:8080/TestProject/TestServlet?param1=test1&param2=test2&param3=test3 I am getting the value

java eeSession timeout on the Web xml not working 2015-07-15

I have this simple servlet that receives a user input. (Login screen) public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException, ServletException { HttpSession session = request.getSession(); response.setContentTy

javaSimple calculator in JSP 2015-07-15

This is sort of a continuation of my previous question, but I feel it deserved to be on its own, especially because of the very detailed answer I got. I would like to create a simple calculator in jsp. There will be two textboxes for numbers and an a

c#How can I protect my .NET assemblies from decompilation 2015-07-15

One if the first things I learned when I started with C# was the most important one. You can decompile any .NET assembly with Reflector or other tools. Many developers are not aware of this fact and most of them are shocked when I show them their sou

Integrating Google Maps API vs3 into a Wordpress pluginso close 2015-07-15

Creating a Google Maps plugin with API vs3? Hi there coders! After scouring the web for hours, cannot find a definitive article on integrating the new version 3 functionality into a wordpress site. Here's what I'm hoping to achieve... 1.) Create a pl

How to change thin image to fat image in iPhone SDK 2015-07-16

Hi, is there any way to change your image thin size to fat size vice-versa in iPhone SDK? In this application I want to provide the user a possibility to change its image from regular size to fat size by sliding the slider he can measure its size in
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