Nom scientifique: Cyprinus carpio

Is fortran (still) faster than C++ for scientific computing 2015-06-24

I didn't come across any definitive statistics saying C++ is slower than fortran. Maybe I didn't search thoroughly. I am wondering whether fortran is still faster than C++ for scientific computing? C and Fortran have been pretty equivalent in speed s

rSplitting scientific names 2015-06-27

A scientific name usually consists of 3 pieces of information: Genus, species epitheton and Author. A simple example would be the following: Acanthus ilicifolius L. Genus: Acanthus Species epitheton: ilicifolious Author: L. Easy. However, the matter

mathDo not want scientific notation on plot axis 2015-07-14

I regularly do all kinds of scatter plots in R using the plot command. Sometimes both, sometimes only one of the plot axes is labelled in scientific notation. I do not understand when R makes the decision to switch to scientific notation. Surprisingl

Polynomial Fitting using GNU Scientific C 2015-07-16

I need to get a n-degree function from n+1 data points. By using the following gnuplot script I get the right fitting: f(x) = a + b*x + c*x**2 + d*x**3 + e*x**4 + f*x**5 + g*x**6 + h*x**7 + i*x**8 + j*x**9 + k*x**10 + l*x**11 + m*x**12 # Initial valu

cPrint all significant digits in sprintf scientific notation 2015-07-16

When R converts a large number to a string in scientific notation, it includes all significant digits and no trailing zero's. Is it possible to accomplish this in C with sprintf? > as.character(12345e11) [1] "1.2345e+15" > as.character(123

cWhy does frexp() not yield scientific notation 2015-07-19

Scientific notation is the common way to express a number with an explicit order of magnitude. First a nonzero digit, then a radix point, then a fractional part, and the exponent. In binary, there is only one possible nonzero digit. Floating-point ma

How to disable scientific notation in R 2015-08-08

I have a simple question. I have a dataframe with a row p-values and I want to make a selection on this p-values. > pvalues_anova [1] 9.693919e-01 9.781728e-01 9.918415e-01 9.716883e-01 1.667183e-02 [6] 9.952762e-02 5.386854e-01 9.997699e-01 8.714044

rhow to remove scientific notation for plot() 2015-08-08

This question already has an answer here: How to disable scientific notation in R? 1 answer I have a plot How can I format the x and y axis so they are not in scienftic notation? Thank you. I believe you can do this by adjusting the scientific notati

Multi-threaded Scientific data visualization in c++ 2015-08-12

I have a process which generates a data vector from a sensor.I'm using Intel Integrated Performance Primitives v5.3 update 3 for Windows on IA-32 to process it further for some calculations.I want to know if there is any c++ library which allows to p

c++Practices for scientific programming 2015-08-13

I'd like to write good statements in terms of speed and accuracy. If I remember correctly this line: b=(a+1)*a produces a better program than this: b=(a^2+a). This is just an example, might be wrong but doesn't matter now, the question is: Where I ca

Casio FX-83GT Plus Scientific Calculator 2015-09-09


Invicta Subaqua Noma III, MEGA Watch, 50bar, Water resistant to 500m, Good as New 2015-09-11

Casio scientific calculator 2015-09-13

Professional and scientific proofreading services 2015-09-17

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