modulus flea bass prix

Flea bass bass guitar 2015-09-12

Flea Bass Blue Orange 2015-09-13

static librariesHow can we control bass of music in iPhone sdk 2015-06-22

I want to control the bass of song played by user from iPod music library. I've searched on Google and got some AudioMixer samples which were of no help, but now I have got bass library i.e. libbass.a from which I think is qui

How do i get tags in a standard format using bass 2015-06-24

With Bass. I see i can get mp3 tags, ogg, mp4, wma, etc. Is there a standard way to get the artist, album, etc if available no matter what kind of format the stream is in? You can use Tags BASS Add On. The description of the Add On is listed below: A

c++Why does modulus division (`%`) only work with integers 2015-06-24

I recently ran into an issue that could easily be solved using modulus division, but the input was a float: Given a function which repeats (ex: sin), and a computer function that can only compute it when the range is within one segment of that range

javascriptSorting a list alphabetically with a modulus 2015-06-27

I don't have any trouble grabbing a list of elements and sorting them alphabetically, but I'm having difficulty understanding how to do it with a modulus. ### UPDATE ### Here's the code working 'my way', however, I like the re-usability of the answer

javaCalculating Large Powers with Modulus 2015-06-28

I am currently working through something whereby I need to calculate the values of something like (65^17) mod 3233 = * The answer to the above problem is 2790, however because 65 ^ 17 is larger than the values that can be returned by Math.pow it alwa

language agnosticHow Does Modulus Divison Work 2015-07-15

I don't really understand how modulus division works. I was calculating 27 % 16 and wound up with 11 and I don't understand why. I can't seem to find an explanation in layman's terms online. Can someone elaborate on a very high level as to what's goi

javascriptWeb Audio API, setting treble and bass 2015-07-16

I'm trying to learn how to use the web audio api properly and I'm running into a bit of confusion. In my project, I'm trying to replicate the functionality of an old 1982 Harman/Kardon receiver. (click link to see photo) This receiver has separate di

c#How to use offset parameter of StreamCreateFile in BASS library 2015-07-16

I am trying to use the BASS library to do some audio editing, so if anyone is familiar with the library can hopefully help me. The function I'm using is Bass.BASS_StreamCreateFile(filename, offset, length, flags); For a little background, I'm using B

How to generate a real bass guitar sound either in C/C++ or Java 2015-07-16

I been doing an extensive research in the internet because I need a way to generate real bass sound (like an electric bass guitar) from a program. The thing is Ive been looking in MIDI ways to produce that sound, but Im not sure if thats the right th

How to apply Bass effect programmatically in android 2015-07-16

I am trying to apply the Bass Effects programmatically by using the following code: BassBoost bassBoost = new BassBoost(0, audioSessionId); bassBoost.setEnabled(true); BassBoost.Settings bassBoostSettingTemp = bassBoost.getProperties(); BassBoost.Set

C++ BASS libary custom frequency, custom timespan 2015-07-16

i realy dont know what is wrong with this code. #include "bass.h" int main() { BASS_Init(-1, 20000, BASS_DEVICE_8BITS, 0, NULL); BASS_SetVolume(1.0); HSAMPLE my_sample = BASS_SampleCreate(1000, 20000, 1, 1, BASS_SAMPLE_8BITS); HCHANNEL my_chann

c++Drawing audio spectrum with Bass library 2015-07-16

How can I draw an spectrum for an given audio file with Bass library? I mean the chart similar to what Audacity generates: I know that I can get the FFT data for given time t (when I play the audio) with: float fft[1024]; BASS_ChannelGetData(chan, ff

c++Add BASS library in Code::Blocks on Linux 2015-07-16

Can somebody help me with adding BASS library in Code::Blocks on Ubuntu? But step by step. I tried many things and I can't do this... I have "" file and what now? Please help me as soon as possible! EDIT: I will tell you what Im

How to control treble, bass, volume on Iphone/ipad 2015-07-16

I need some help/hints on how to control the ipad's volume, how to control the bass and treble in xcode for an iphone app. Thanks I'd have thought Audio Units would do the job - check the appendix for built-in ones - the iPod Equalizer should do the
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