Mass editing in <kbd> tagsMeta

Today I noticed a <2K user doing mass edits to add <kbd> tags to posts. This seems like a lot of wasted effort for reviewers, but I wasn't positive there was anything wrong with it.

Should anything be done about this?

Edit: Now someone else is doing it. I just don't understand why they do this.

I agree that these are edits that aren't needed. Adding the <kbd> tag is pretty unnecessary. If you run across this and you think that the edits don't offer any sort of improvement, then reject the edit or reject and edit to improve the posts further.

If you think that something else might need to be done aka a moderator needs to be involved here, then find one of the users posts, use a custom "other" flag, explain what is happening and provide some examples. We'll take a look and step in if needed.

I can not understand what is the problem with this. The person spends his time doing some edits. Yes, they are not really that amazing, but they still improve the post.

The post becomes nicer to look at when all the key shortcuts are properly formatted. It is similar to hiding links inside of the link tag. Yes, I agree that there are edits that are more useful, but that does not makes his edit bad.

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