magento redirect url

c#Asp.NET MVC4 Redirect(url) throwing argument exception 2015-07-15

This seems impossible, I'm sure there is something very simple I am missing, but I just don't see it. Inside of an action method I have this code var redirectUrl = FormsAuthentication.GetRedirectUrl(model.UserName, false); if (redirectUrl.IsBlank())

phpcURL refuses to display 302 redirect URL 2015-07-19

Here's my code: $urls = array(''); $curl_multi = curl_multi_init(); $handles = array(); $options = $curl_options + array( CURLOPT_HEADER => true, CURLOPT_RETURNTRA

javaSocket proxy server redirecting url 2015-07-21

I have a basic socket proxy server, I want to add redirection functionality in it. Any idea how do I go. Just changing the host doesn't help because the buffer that is collected from the client contains the old information. import

httpNodejs Redirect URL 2015-08-09

In the application I'm trying to write, the main page (http://localhost:8675) has the following form: <form action='/?joinnew' method='post'> <button>Start</button> </form> Here is the code in server.js: http.createServer(function(

Redirect URL to PHP only if file does not exist with Nginx 2015-07-19

I am trying to get Nginx to rewrite URL space ./data/(.+).png to serveImage.php?guid=$1 server { server_name my.server; listen 80; listen; root /var/www/my.server; index index.html; location / { try_files $uri $uri/ index.html; rewrite ^

php301 Redirections after copying Magento installation 2015-07-19

After copying a Magento installation from to to see if we could update safely from 1.8 to 1.9 the system automatically redirects to, even after editing the configuration through the MySQL database. Both the insecu

How to get final URL after following HTTP redirections in pure PHP 2015-08-09

What I'd like to do is find out what is the last/final URL after following the redirections. I would prefer not to use cURL. I would like to stick with pure PHP (stream wrappers). Right now I have a URL (let's say http://domain.test), and I use get_h

asp.nethow to redirect specific http url to https in web config 2015-08-09

i want to redirect to , i used below code for that but all other domain under that is also redirected. so how to stop other redirection and perform only above redirection.please help me. <rule name="Redirect to ht

phpRedirect entire pages on http to https in magento 2015-07-19

I want to redirect my entire pages on https on my magento website. On the admin under System >> Configuration >> Web, under the unsecure tab I set the base url as and under the secure tab its Als

PHP page redirect 2015-06-23

Can PHP make a redirect call after executing a function? I am creating a function on the completion of which I want it to redirect to a file located in the same root folder. Can it be done? if { //i am using echo here } else if ($_SESSION['qnum'] > 1
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