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javascriptHow do I return true or false using jQuery noty plugin 2015-07-15

I have the following jQuery using the noty plugin and plum shopping cart jQuery. The first block of code correctly alerts a yes / no and empties the cart correctly. The second block of code shows the yes / no message correctly using noty BUT it does

c#Javascript Plugin Noty doesn't work on Button Click 2015-06-24

I am very new to JQuery. I want to implement Stack Overflow style notification on top of my page. So for that matter, I downloaded a JQuery plugin from NOTY . I have read the tutorial but it doesn't explain how to implement this properly. All I want

javascriptEmber CLIUncaught Error: Could not find module ember 2015-07-17

I am converting an old school Ember app (built with grunt) into Ember CLI, and I'm facing an odd issue I can't seem to resolve. When I launch the app with Ember serve and access it in the browser, I get two errors: Uncaught Error: Could not find modu

Get the rowIndex of an ASP.Net Gridview using jQuery 2015-06-22

Hello, is it possible to get the current rowindex of a gridview using jQuery? Bit of background: I delete rows from a gridview using a server side link button in a template field like so: <asp:LinkButton CausesValidation="false" CommandName=&

javascriptCheck if url contains string with JQuery 2015-06-22

This question already has an answer here: How to check if the URL contains a given string? 11 answers I have a page with select options and I am using JQuery to refresh the page and add a string to the url when an option is clicked. Now I need a way

Linked multiple Jquery sliders 2015-06-22

How do you change the value of one Jquery slider to mirror the value of another slider. ie. If I have one slider with a range, I want to take the end value and use it for the start value of another range slider. I also want them to animate together o

Two linked jQuery Sliders adding up to 100% 2015-06-22

I'm trying to link two jQuery UI sliders so they'll add up to 100%. I've found the perfect solution for three sliders here on SO, but for some reason I am unable to get the math to add up correctly when modifying this jsFiddle example to strip out th

javascriptSerializing to JSON in jQuery 2015-06-22

I need to serialize an object to JSON. I'm using jQuery. Is there a "standard" way to do this? My specific situation: I have an array defined something like this: var countries = new Array(); countries[0] = 'ga'; countries[1] = 'cd'; ... and I n

jQuery jqXHRcancel chained calls, trigger error chain 2015-06-22

I am creating a ajax utility for interfacing with my server methods. I would like to leverage jQuery 1.5+ deferred methods from the object returned from the jQuery.ajax() call. The situation is following. The serverside method always returns a JSON o

jQuery 1.5 AJAX syntax 2015-06-22

I'm learning the new jQuery $.ajax callback syntax. Q: If I move req.success outside of the $('td.showcities').click function, then how should I refer to $tr? // When the user clicks on a state, the list of cities will appear. $('td.showcities').clic

Why have multiple callback(success,error) in jquery 1.5 2015-06-22

I saw today that jquery 1.5.1 has been released!! It seems 2 changes have been made(ajax, support). I been looking at the new ajax features and I am kinda confused why you would want to setup your callback at a later point? Also I don't get why you w

jQuery Deferredreturning promises up a call chain 2015-06-22

RESOLVED I'm having an issue with $.Deferred in jQuery 1.7.1. I think the behaviour of the returning values from when/then/fail etc is different to what I think it should be. This is what I'm trying to do: Call $.when(setInstall(true)).then('do somet

ajaxCan jQuery deferreds be cancelled 2015-06-22

I have a situation where I want to cancel a deferred. The deferred is associated with an ajax call. Why I am using deferreds I don't use the normal xhr objects returned by $.ajax. I'm using jsonp, which means I can't use HTTP status codes for error h

jQuery deferred done method not triggered when debugging 2015-06-22

I have a method which is making a jquery ajax call. That method returns the deferred object which is created by jquery when you use $.ajax: function callWebservice() { return $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "/echo/json/", data: {delay: 2}
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