jquery bind second ajax success

I have an ajax request which is showing data on success.
AFTER this is done, I'd like to do something else, the problem is that I can not
touch the ajax code. I could have just done:

$.ajax().success(bla). But I can't touch this code.

I'd have to bind the second function somewhere else and make sure it comes after the first onsuccess. Can it be done?

is there maybe a global event AFTER the success event that I can use?

You should use global events as such, it is called after all AJAX success callback:

//do my global thing here

Perhaps ajaxSetup success callback is called at the same time? Didn't test

    success: function() {
       // local within the ajaxSetup

Why don't you bind the second function to first function

$.ajax().success(bla(new function() {
    //do whatever you want

Here, bla takes a function as a parameter.

Or am I misunderstanding?


 complete: function(){
     // Handle the complete event

fires after the success function and is the same as the global


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