javascriptNot able to post data angular ng-resource

I want to persist data using post method throught angular ngResource.
I have written the below code for the process. But, when I try to persist
error is coming.


angular.module('app').factory("testService", function($resource) {
    addCount: $resource('/save/count',{method:'POST',params:{ date: '@date',
                    count: '@count'}}

//controller code

$scope.add = function(){
testService.addCount().get({ date: new     Date(formattedDate).toString("MM/dd/yyyy"),
            count: count},function(response){


As soon as I click the add() from my html I am getting the below error.
TypeError: Cannot read property 'get' of undefined

Kindly,provide a suggestion to overcome this issue

RESTful services should be on a per entity basis. So you route should just be /Count or api/Count depends on how you set up your API endpoints.

Then when you use your $resource, just point it at your endpoint and let $resource handle posting etc.

The $resource follows the meanings behind the HTTP verbs. So GET should get some data, POST should save data, PUT should update, DELETE should delete etc.

$scope.add = function(){
    var Count = $resource('/count');{
         date: new Date(formattedDate).toString("MM/dd/yyyy"),
         count: count
    }, function() {
        // success

That is how I would see myself using $resource. You can always abstract out the creation of Count to the service you created.



So when you call $resource('some/route'); it will return an object containing these methods:

{ 'get':    {method:'GET'},
  'save':   {method:'POST'},
  'query':  {method:'GET', isArray:true},
  'remove': {method:'DELETE'},
  'delete': {method:'DELETE'} };

As you can see, save is the POST method. So to call it you take a reference to $resource('some/route'); like:

var Count = $resource('some/route');

Then you call a method.

For a HTTP GET "class" actions: Resource.action([parameters],
[success], [error])

For a non-GET "class" actions: Resource.action([parameters], postData,
[success], [error])

For a non-GET instance actions: instance.$action([parameters],
[success], [error])

So as I understand it, class means that reference Count, instance means when your class has been executed and you've recieved the object. This object is the instance

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