javascript sprite animation

Android Live Wallpaper + Sprite Animation 2015-07-16

I'm a newbie in programming and is very much interested in knowing how to create my own Android Live Wallpaper. I know that a lot of resources are out there but they were pertaining to some advance level of knowledge. Can anyone provide a "step by st

iOS Sprite Animation Frame Rate 2015-08-09

I am making "yet another iOS" game with cocos2d and am now wondering what an acceptable number of frames per second for sprite animation would suffice? This is more of a theoretical question as to how many animation frames I have to draw in orde

androidAnimated Sprite animating more that once in AndEngine 2015-07-16

I was trying to animate a sprite only once but it is animated twice can any one help me with this?? Here is the code CuttingLineEffect(float x, float y, TiledTextureRegion line_region) { super(x, y, line_region); this.animate(60, 1); this.mPhysicsHan

c++Switch sprite animations in cocos2d-x 2015-08-09

I have a "GameCharacter" class where I have a sprite for my main character in the game, I loaded the frames and animations correctly. I can switch between animations with single touches or swiping gestures. Right now I can rotate between animati

javascript'Erase' Animation for Raphael JS Path 2015-08-09

I've created a line animation with RaphaelJS (see jsfiddle here - I'm attempting to create a animation that occurs after this one takes place that is basically an erasing of the initial animation. That is, the line ani

JavaScript timeline animation (setTimeout accuracy issues) 2015-08-09

I began writing a simple animation class in JS, which utilizes Zepto.js animation capabilities but adds timeline-like capability to it. The timeline itself is a simple array, that executes functions embedded in it when it's play() function is called:

javascriptjquery one row sprite sheet 2015-08-09

I'm working on animating the movement of a sprite (rotate on the spot - left to right and rotate 90 degrees from a standing position to face upwards or downwards) using a single-row sprite sheet containing 30 separate images, but I don't know where t

cordovaPlease help Animating sprites with SpriteSpin The Right Way 2015-06-23

Hello I need to include some sprite animations into my app. I tried spritespin, I think the best script for this purpose, but I have some problems with it. ( Firstly it works almost perfect on the deesktop on chr

jqueryRotate sprite javascript 2015-07-14

I have a sprite animation, a small cannon rendered using a 3D app. I have exactly 360 frames for a 360 degree turn. Each image has a 100x100 pixel size. So basically what I am trying todo is when I click anywhere in the page, the barrel of the cannon

css3How do I reverse this CSS rotate animation 2015-06-23

I have this CSS animation which I'm trying to reverse the animation of based on a class being added to a DOM node. I've tried multiple things but with no avail. Here is the code I'm using, see below: EXAMPLE // Closed state @-moz-keyframes spin-close

objective ciPhone Dev: Animating PNG Sequences 2015-06-24

What is the best or recommended technique for animating PNG Sequences. Heres what I've learned: Do it Manually Using MutableArrays containing Strings, you can animate a UIImageView with a timer which increments an index number UIImage - animation met

javascriptSoftware the lets you build jquery animation in a GUI 2015-07-15

Is there a software that let's you build Javascript (jquery) animation in a GUI? I think one example of what i mean is Adobe Edge. What are some good alternative on this? Animation i kinda like would be something like this. Than

javascriptReplicating a CSS3 Animation in JQuery 2015-07-15

I am trying to replicate / simulate an animation / effect made with a CSS3 Animation using jQuery. I plan to use the jQuery version as a fallback when the CSS3 Animation is not supported using Modernizr / Yep-Nope. Here is a running example of the CS

Android: make animation from still images 2015-07-16

I've a series of still images and total of more than 500 images presented in drawable directory. I need to make an animation (load about 20 images per second). I want it to run smoothly and with no Out Of Memory Exception. I've idea to do this that i

javascriptGenerate animated GIF with HTML5 canvas 2015-07-17

Are they any library to do so? AFAIK dataToURL('image/gif') isn't supported by any browser Canvas can't generate (animated) GIFs. You need to use a JavaScript library to do so. There is jsgif, a JS library to generate animated GIFs:

c++Animation Manager design pattern 2015-07-19

I have a sprite which has a lot of animations to do on different key press events. For example when i press the right arrow key. It will run the following animations: Startrun, run, Endrun While the run cycles depends wether or not the key is still b

pythonTrace out a pygame circle animation 2015-07-23

I have been googling around for the answer to this but I'm not sure how to phrase the keywords to get what I'm looking for. What I want to do is animate a pygame circle. Not just move it in x or y direction, but animate the drawing of it, like I'm tr
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