JavaScript checkbox Click Event

jQuery checkbox change and click event 2015-06-28

I have <input type="checkbox" id="checkbox1" /> <br /> <input type="text" id="textbox1" /> and $(document).ready(function() { //set initial state. $('#textbox1').val($(this).is(':checked')); $('#ch

javascriptSpacebar triggering click event on checkbox 2015-06-28

If you spacebar on a checkbox, it checks the box. Everything was fine until I decide to disable the click event on the parent div, which I realized, disabled the spacebar on the checkbox as well! div1.addEventListener("click",function (e) { if (

htmlHow can I capture the right-click event in JavaScript 2015-07-15

This question already has an answer here: Is right click a Javascript event? 11 answers I want to block the standard context menus, and handle the right-click event manually. How is this done? Use the oncontextmenu event. Here's an example: <div onco

Jquery click event doesn&#39;t work 2015-06-27

no result occur when i click test1 of test2 <html> <head> <script src=""></script> <script src="

jQuery click event not working in Chrome 2015-06-27

I use this code as an easy example to grab the content of another html-file and put it in a DIV, whenever I click the link. It works great in Firefox and Safari, but not in Chrome, IE or Opera. <a class="ajaxLink" href="RS.html">

Jquery input click event not working 2015-06-27

reservas.forEach (function (reserva) { var reservas = []; reservas.push('<tr class="reservas">'); reservas.push('<td> <input type="checkbox" id="salvar"/> </td>'); reservas.push('<td>' + reserva.

javascriptjQuery click events firing multiple times 2015-07-14

I'm attempting to write a video poker game in Javascript as a way of getting the basics of it down, and I've run into a problem where the jQuery click event handlers are firing multiple times. They're attached to buttons for placing a bet, and it wor

javascriptHow to add click event listener to each elements 2015-07-15

I use query to build a mobile app. First of all I use $.getJSON to retrieve data from json file: $.getJSON('js/sura.json', function(data){ $.each(data, function(key, value){ //alert(key+' '+value['id']); buildList(value['id'], value['name'], value['n
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