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Can someone give me the code for a specific .htaccess 2015-07-14

I tried to make my own .htaccess file with a few thing in it, but I'a not very familiar with it. I googled a lot but at the end I only managed to mess things up. So, can someone give me working .htaccess code snippet? I want it to do the following: r

c++What's the rationale for null terminated strings 2015-06-24

As much as I love C and C++, I can't help but scratch my head at the choice of null terminated strings: Length prefixed (i.e. Pascal) strings existed before C Length prefixed strings make several algorithms faster by allowing constant time length loo

c++What's the need for special exception classes 2015-07-17

Why did the C++ standard bother inventing the std::exception classes? What's their benefit? My reason for asking is this: try { throw std::string("boom"); } catch (std::string str) { std::cout << str << std::endl; } Works fine. Later

What is the threshold for incorrect reviewsMeta 2015-06-23

I've done some reviews, and suddenly, today, I failed an audit test. I'm not disputing the faliure (ok, I screwed up the system considers that I've wrongly proposed that a question should be closed), but the audit page now says: You have made too man

visual c++What is the need for dllimport 2015-07-15

I am playing with DLLs to get a better understanding of them. So I created a simple dll (with load-time dynamic linking) which has functions to Add, Sub and Mul. In the header file for the dll I used __declspec(dllexport) for the function declaration

what is the code for ste audio feature in matlab 2015-07-15

here is the code for ste and zcr code for audio feature extraction it gives me signal of ste faeture bt how to get particular value of ste feature? [x,Fs] = wavread('so.wav'); % word is: so x = x.'; N = length(x); % signal length n = 0:N-1; ts = n*(1

What is the symbol ~ for in R 2015-07-16

This question already has an answer here: Use of ~ (tilde) in R programming Language 2 answers I saw this symbol sometimes especially in Lattice and ggplot2. Seemingly it is for relating two variables to represent a relation. Is it only in the two gr

What is the rationale for not having static constructor in C++ 2015-07-19

What is the rationale for not having static constructor in C++? If it were allowed, we would be initializing all the static members in it, at one place in a very organized way, as: //illegal C++ class sample { public: static int some_integer; static

What is the criteria for closing a questionMeta 2015-08-12

I don't understand why this question was closed and this one was not. Can someone explain what's the difference? I think both do not meet the standard for a good question. EDIT: Looks like some people agree about "There was no effort made on behalf o

What is the algorithm for generating the maze in the game Netwalk 2015-08-12

What is the algorithm for generating the maze in the game Netwalk? The source code is available at Google Code, so you can read it for yourself and find out! The maze is generated by the function generate_maze in game.c, lines 78ff. Update: try the d
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