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command lineHow to iterate over arguments in bash script 2015-07-19

I have a complex command that I'd like to make a shell/bash script of. I can write it in terms of $1 easily: foo $1 args -o $1.ext I want to be able to pass multiple input names into the script - what's the right way to do this? Of course I want to h

linuxArguments & Options Manipulation in Multiple Bash Scripts 2015-07-19

EDIT (Feb 24): See bottom of the post for extra information, examples, and code. There has been some downtime at work lately, so I decided to pick up some Bash scripting and automate the process of building our products. Here's a simplified version o

Create new file from templates with bash script 2015-06-22

I have to create conf files and init.d which are very similar. These files permit to deploy new http service on my servers. These files are the same and only some parameters change from one file to another (listen_port, domain, path on server...). As

Reporting bash script failures to Sentry 2015-06-23

If I run a bash script with set -e it aborts with an error. I am running some maintenance shell script, along with Python application code, and I'd like to report errors from the shell scripts to Sentry as well. What options do I have? What kind of t

Bash script plugin for Eclipse 2015-07-16

Are there any decent bash plug-ins for Eclipse? My only requirement is syntax highlighting. I've googled about but did not see anything that looked like "the" bash plug-in. ShellEd looks promising, does syntax highlighting, and has positive revi

Include bash script in python compilation 2015-07-17

I have a couple of bash scripts that I use in a Python program. The current solution is to browse to the file in the GUI and then run the script(s) like this (pathToScript is the String for the path to the script): INPUT = [pathToScript, input1, inpu

linuxcombine perl command inside the bash script 2015-07-18

Perl is excellent language to store command output to variable As I know bash isn't support that for example my $value = qx(ls -ltr); print $value; it will print: ( example ) -r-xr-xr-x 1 root root 761 May 30 2014 ASon.conf -r-xr-xr-x 1 root root 699

Bash script hangs when called from php or python 2015-07-19

I'm a novice at bash and I wrote a bash script that reads a large syslog file from end to start, looks for the entries that belong to a given minute (the minute before the last) and then counts how many ocurrences each of the given patterns has in th

php script to access remote linux server and execute bash script 2015-07-19

I am trying to do the following. Have php execute shell commands on our remote servers. This because i would like to be able to install scripts through bash So php is going to execute the bash scripts on the remote server. The issue is the can't conn

Running an R file with arguments from a bash script 2015-07-19

Possible Duplicate: How can I read command line parameters from an R script? I've got a R script for which I'd like to be able to supply several command-line parameters (rather than hardcode parameter values in the code itself). The script runs on li
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