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mysqlFirst-time database design: am I overengineering 2015-06-22

Background I'm a first year CS student and I work part time for my dad's small business. I don't have any experience in real world application development. I have written scripts in Python, some coursework in C, but nothing like this. My dad has a sm

Database Design: Is it bad to keep delimited strings in a database 2015-06-22

This question already has an answer here: Is storing a delimited list in a database column really that bad? 9 answers I've worked on projects before that would store fields in a comma-delimited or pipe-delimited string as a field, which might represe

ms accessStudent course database design 2015-06-23

i want to create a database design for computer institute where we store student record with their previous academic and non academic course which he took in past. student can be enrolled in more than one course in our institute and that course price

Database design: Plot storage 2015-06-23

I'm new to database design and I considering implementing something that will be time consuming, so I wanted to ask here first if it is the best thing to do. Facts: For my purposes here, let's define a plot to be a set of x,y pairs. Plots can have di

mysqlBetter Database design for hibernatre 2015-06-23

I am new to database design. I am using MySQL I have a Form table which contains a field Country Since the values in this columns can be one from the country list only, so I made this column int instead of varchar and put the list in a new table. sho

sqlHow to represent elective courses in university database design 2015-06-27

I am trying to design a university database for use in student management. I do not know how to represent the relationship between a student, a program, courses, and elective courses. A student can enroll in a particular program(e.g. Computer Science

sqlMultilingual database design 2015-07-17

I'm trying to design a database schema for a multilingual application. I have so far found a sample from this address. But I haven't understood this sample. Should I insert Id valu

Best database design using user defined fields 2015-07-17

I have a question about the 'best' design solution in a case where a user defined table can specify the different types for an entity, yet 1 type within all these user defined types is something I want to keep record of separately, because this has a

phpHow Improve table database design 2015-07-19

Im planning my database scheme design for my project website. This is video table: In "car" tag page, I retrieve from table in this way (PHP query): sql = "SELECT * FROM `video` WHERE keyword='car'"; $result = $db->query($sql); if (

Database design problem 2015-07-23

I have the following structure somewhere in my database On all of the levels, there are zero-to-many relationships (i.e. Job may have multiple Documents which may have multiple Units which may have multiple Translations). Without the Assignment (whic

Circular Relationship in Database Design 2015-07-23

I have a database with 4 tables (there are more, but only 4 are causing the problem). The rules are: a Model has 1 to many tasks. A Task has one to many Sets. A SuperSet has one to many Sets and a Model has one to many SuperSets. A SuperSet is basica

Database Design Relationship 2015-07-23

I have two tables: Food id, name, unit, createdDate, lastUpdate Ingredients id, name, quantity, unit, food_id_fk, createdDate, lastUpdate The problem is a food can be divided into two categories and each category can have it own set of ingredients. A

Database Design Puzzle: What's wrong with this diagram 2015-08-09

I'm trying to polish up by database design skills. I've been working through a few IT-related puzzles today, most of which have been fairly straightforward. ...And then I came across this supposed 'oldie', which is frustrating the bezeejers out of me

mysqlBest database design for storing profile pictures 2015-08-10

I'm not very well traversed in database design so I've come to you guys for help. I have a table with records of users. The tablet looks like thing like this: +----------+----------+----------+----------+----------+----------+----------+--------- | i

Free Fully SAAS Funded Oracle:Database Design & Programming in PL/SQL Course 2015-09-11

Database Design for University Courses 2015-06-27

I am currently designing a database for a university (assignment!). Everything looks to be okay. However, I ran into a subtle issue. Now, I have Intake entity which holds information about the intake that students can register in. Every intake has a

mysqlMultiple table database design 2015-06-22

I have a website where I display a list of sports players and their stats. Users can register and create a team of these players where I sum and analyze the team stats. I would like to give each user the ability to "cross out" a player from the
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