Can You Overload JavaScript Functions

Can you call C++ functions from Ada 2015-07-19

Can you call C++ functions from Ada? I'm wondering if there is a way to do this directly, without doing the implementation in C and writing a C++ wrapper & and Ada wrapper, e.g. I would like to go c++ -> Ada rather than c++ -> c -> Ada. The p

c++Why can you put a function prototype inside a function 2015-07-23

Sometimes I write code like the following struct Bob { Bob() {} }; int main() { Bob b(); } What I wanted to do is create an object b, using Bob's default constructor. To fix it, I have to remove the brackets after b. It turns out the compiler interpr

iphoneUIWebView: Can You Disable Javascript 2015-07-15

You can disable Javascript in both mobile Safari and Cocoa's WebView but I can see no means of doing so in UIWebView. Am I correct? I ask in relation to this question regarding obtaining the title of page displayed in an UIWebView using Javascript. I

Pass object to javascript function 2015-06-23

I have recently been messing around with jQuery on my website, and I have a fairly limited knowledge of Javascript. I am beginning to like the jQuery ability to pass variables to a jQuery function inside the curly braces, like so: $(somediv).animate(

How can I calling JavaScript in WebView from Android 2015-07-16

I am beginner in Android development and want to create Android app with JavaScript. I can run my page in WebView. I can run JavaScript in WebView. I can call Android Toast message (or Dailog alert ) from JavaScript to Android. But I can NOT run Java

Can I trigger a javascript function from a php function 2015-07-19

I am getting html data through js ajax function like this function getData(dataSource,datasend) { var XMLHttpRequestObject = false; if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { XMLHttpRequestObject = new XMLHttpRequest(); } else if (window.ActiveXObject) { XMLHttpRe

In JavaScript, how can I have a function run at a specific time 2015-07-23

I have a website that hosts a dashboard: I can edit the JavaScript on the page and I currently have it refreshing every five seconds. I am trying to now get a window.print() to run every day at 8 AM. How could I do this? JavaScript is not the tool fo

imageHow can you determine the file size in JavaScript 2015-08-09

I help moderate a forum online, and on this forum we restrict the size of signatures. At the moment we test this via a simple Greasemonkey script I wrote; we wrap all signatures with a <div>, the script looks for them, and then measures the div's he
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