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C++ SDL Breaking out of while loop 2015-06-26

I've been messing around with C++ SDL for a few days now and I've come across an interesting problem. SDL_Event event1; while(SDL_WaitEvent(&event1)) { for(size_t i = 0; i < MainMenuOptions.size();i++) { if(event1.button.x >

c#Break out of a while loop that contains a switch statement 2015-07-14

I am having trouble figuring out how to break out of a loop that contains a switch statement. Break breaks out of the switch, not the loop. There is probably a more elegant solution to this. I have implemented a flag that starts out as true and gets

c++break not terminating do-while loop 2015-07-18

So this is going to be a stupid question but I cannot for the life of me figure this out at the moment... This do-while loop below does not terminate as it should. do { if(inp.eof()) throw("Unexpected end of file"); getline(inp, l); line++; std:

c++Better way to break out of while loop C 2015-07-18

I need to create a singly linked list based on user input which adds to the front of the list and is based upon user input. I have completed the program, but I am, for some reason, running a blank on one smaller part with the user input here: while(n

cCan&#39;t break out of do while loop 2015-07-22

gcc (GCC) 4.6.3 c89 Hello, I have the following do..while loop #define NUMBER_DX_CHANNELS 4 do { /* some some processing here */ i++; dx_channels++; } while((dx_channels > CHANNELS_PER_BOARD) || (i < number_fx_resources)); For some reason the dx_cha

c++How to break out of a while loop with a boolean 2015-07-22

I am trying to break out of several nested while loops and I am having trouble. I want this program to break out into the outer loop, which will run only a certain amount of times. I tried doing it with a boolean but my program terminates too early.

cCannot Break Out of a &quot;While&quot; loop 2015-07-22

I am converting a 2-d char array into a 2-d int array, and I need to break out of the while loop if \0 or \n comes in the string. This code gives segmentation fault. Definition of Array is and the indices are less than 1000 and the 2-d char array tem

Incorrectly breaking out of a python while loop 2015-07-23

I am trying to build a Twitter filter app that searches your personal timeline of people you follow/RTs from people you follow from keywords of your choosing. (That's not the question, that's the background... I'm not up to that yet, I'm just playing

Java How can I break a while loop under a switch statement 2015-08-09

I have a homework to implement a simple testing application, below is my current code: import java.util.*; public class Test{ private static int typing; public static void main(String argv[]){ Scanner sc = new Scanner(; System.out.println("

How to organize infinite while loop in SQL Server 2015-06-22

I want to use infinite WHILE loop in SQL Server 2005 and use BREAK keyword to exit from it on certain condition. while true does not work, so I have to use while 1=1. Is there a better way to organize infinite loop ? I know that I can use goto, but w

htmlJavascript alert wont dismiss (while loop) 2015-06-23

I'm trying to make a "How many fingers are you holding up" page, if i input in the box, it works, but if i input more than 5, the alert wont disappear, can anyone help me with this? Sorry for the noob question Any help will be greatly apprec

c++Duplicated code above and inside while loop 2015-06-26

Consider the following code: std::string::size_type von = find_first_not_of(str, splitter); std::string::size_type bis = find_first_of(str, splitter, von); while (von != bis) { result.push_back(str.substr(von, bis - von)); von = find_first_not_of(str

alert while loop javascript 2015-07-14

Hiii there I need some help with how i take out the alert("Du har inga behörighet!"); outside the while loop while (userEnumerator.moveNext()) { var oUser = userEnumerator.get_current(); var title = oUser.get_title(); if (title == user.get_title

Java Compiled While loop is looking different 2015-07-15

I am using java 7 update 26. I have a class where i have a while loop. When i decompiled that .class file with jd-gui ( its giving me some strange while loop. try { while (true) { c =; if ((c >= '0' &am

dead codeUnreachable statement in java while loop 2015-07-17

While loking up "dead code" thread here dead code warning in eclipse I tried the following simple java code: public class Test2 { public static void main(String[] args) { int x = 0; while(false) { x=4; } } } which correctly throws a compile time

Java While Loop 2015-07-17

Im having some issues with a while loop. This while loop is run in a thread, and is the "main loop" of the thread, and im having issues with it not continuing if one of the if statements it loops over is false. This thread handles both sending a

Java while loop only loops once 2015-07-17

I'm trying to make a turn-based snake thingy, but I just can't get it to work properly. I think something might be wrong with the run() method, because it only loops once if the if() statement doesn't activate. If I put anything after the if() statem

Use while loop to avoid deeply nested if statements in java 2015-07-17

Hi I have written a little function like public void foo(MyClassA paraA) { if (paraA == null) return; MyClassB paraB = doSomeStuff(paraA); if (paraB == null) return; MyClassC paraC = doMoreStuff(paraB); if (paraC == null) return; .... } The above fai
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