Bella and the Bulldogs Quiz

Disney Store Fairytale Designer Collection Belle and the Beast dolls 2015-09-11

PS2 Buzz the Big Quiz game and 4 Buzzers 2015-09-10

Leghorn Pullet Chickens for sale blue bells and light sussex 2015-09-29

iosGet all NSDate of a month (and the dates in adjacent weeks) 2015-06-22

Given a date (for example today 4 Feb 2014), I would like to get a list of NSDate instances that go from Monday 27 Jan 2014 to Sunday 2 Mar 2014. Basically all the dates in the current month, plus the dates from the last week of the previous month, a

androidAnimating fragments and the back stack 2015-06-23

I am having trouble using or understanding how popping FragmentTransactions off of the back stack handles the custom animations. Specifically, I expect it to call the "out" animation, but it doesn't seem to. I have a simple method to handle a fr

oopECMAScript/JavaScriptinheritance and the new operator 2015-06-23

I am currently learning to program JavaScript/ECMAScript, and I'm reading the book "Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 3rd Edition". I'm enjoying the book, and at the same time I look for some support on the Internet with materials that

cross browserIE7 and the CSS table-cell property 2015-06-24

So I just love it when my application is working great in Firefox, but then I open it in IE and... Nope, please try again. The issue I'm having is that I'm setting a CSS display property to either none or table-cell with JavaScript. I was initially u

cTortoise and the Hare Pointers 2015-06-24

I'm building a program that simulates the tortoise and the hare race. The way I'm doing it is I create a SIZE 70 array of '_' to simulate the racetrack. Then I create 2 pointers, char *harePtr and char *tortoisePtr, that point to elements in that arr

cchar and the usual arithmetic conversion rules 2015-06-24

I know this question has been asked and seemingly answered a gazillion times over but I can't seem to match the answers to my own experience. The C standard specifies that for addition "both operands shall have arithmetic type" ( Arithe
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