android send sms permission

Android : send sms with images (more smileys) 2015-07-16

I am trying to send messages (Wishes) from my application to my friends and I want more images (Templates) to be added into the text message as like smileys. Is there any possible solutions to do this? I don't want the MMS to be used to send the gree

smsmanagerUnable to send sms programatically in android 2015-06-28

Hi i am a new android developer.i am trying to send sms through android built-in service SmsManager class my code is running accurately but the message sent through this is not received to other number.My code is as follows btnSend.setOnClickListener

Sending sms to multiple people in android 2015-07-16

I want to know if there is anyway that I can send sms to multiple number of people using the SmsManager. I know that I can run a loop through the contacts and send sms individually but I figured that there may be a way to do this. The code I use is g

How to send SMS with Delphi XE5 in Android 2015-08-06

Does anybody know how to get this to work? The closest I got was the code below, but got no success. At first, it gives you some hope when it tells you need the SEND_SMS permission. But after you setup this permission, nothing happens! uses Androidap

Unable to send sms using SMSManager in Android 2015-07-16

In my application I do not want to use the default message sender. For doing that I followed the following link In Android is it possible to send sms message to more than one recipient in code? And that code worked too. But the messages I am sending

javascripthow to send sms in android using phonegap 2.3.0 2015-07-16

I have developed phonegap application using 2.3.0 version.This Application has too many phone plugins sucha as, downloader,pdfviewer,statusbarnotification,video.Now i want to implement the sms plugin into the same application.i have tried to implemen

androidsendTextMessage to send SMS 2015-06-28

I want send SMS using sendTextMessage() method in my app... SmsManager sms = SmsManager.getDefault(); sms.sendTextMessage(phoneNumber, null, message, null, null); <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.SEND_SMS"></uses-permis

androidToast message shows each time i send sms 2015-06-28

This is my code for sending SMS in ActivityOne private void sendSMS(final String phoneNumber, final String message,final String userMsg) { String SENT = "SMS_SENT"; //String DELIVERED = "SMS_DELIVERED"; PendingIntent sentPI = PendingIn

androidRemove or Consume pop up coming after sending SMS 2015-07-16

I have an android app which needs to keep sending SMS. My problem is that whenever we send a message we get a pop up showing (your SMS charges and your curent talktime balance in phone). When i send many SMS these pop ups keep getting accumulated one

Debug error in way2sms PHP API for sending sms 2015-07-19

The API was working fine for the past few months ago..But now I'm getting a notice in that output and message is not delivered. The notice is -" Undefined offset: 1 in C:\wamp\www\sms\sms trial.php on line 90" line 90 in my code is $userID = $ma

Sending SMS from PHP 2015-06-24

How to send an SMS from a web server written in PHP? Clickatell is a popular SMS gateway. It works in 200+ countries. Their API offers a choice of connection options via: HTTP/S, SMPP, SMTP, FTP, XML, SOAP. Any of these options can be used from php.

configurationHow to send SMS in PHP 2015-07-17

Possible Duplicate: Sending SMS from PHP I would like to make and develop a system module in my web site that has the feature of informing the customers with updates in their data stored in our database. How I can do that in PHP ? what are the config
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