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browser.NET WebBrowser control with Adobe SVG Viewer 2015-07-15

I'm having problems with SVG files loading in a .NET 2.0 WebBrowser control. If I create a new WinForms application project, drag a WebBrowser control and a button onto the Form1.cs design surface, and add a line to the button's on-click handler to s

architectureDjango role based views 2015-06-22

I'm looking for some input on how others would architect this. I'm going to provide class (django group) based views. For example, a user's group will determine what views/templates he or she will have access to. I'm thinking of perhaps storing paths

MySql views performance 2015-06-22

If you are going down the road of using views, how can you ensure good performance? Or is it better not to use views in the first place and just incorporate the equivalent into your select statements? It Depends. It totally depends on what you are vi

gormGrails one to many relationship view 2015-06-22

I have two grails domain classes Class MultipleChoiceQuestion { String question static constraints = { ... } static hasMany = [options:MultipleChoiceOption] } and class MultipleChoiceOption{ String answerOption boolean correctOption MultipleChoiceQue

objective ciOS 7 parallax effect in my view controller 2015-06-22

I'm developing an app for iOS 7 in Objective-C. I've got a screen in my app with a few buttons and a pretty background image. (It's a simple xib with UIButtons on top of a UIImageView.) I was thinking that it'd be cool if those buttons had the parall

iosxcode/ios7: parallax effect with image clipped inside view 2015-06-22

I am trying to implement iOS7 parallax effect. For this purpose I am using standard UIInterpolatingMotionEffect class. Here is what I am trying to achieve: Place photo inside UIView. Photo is larger than View's frame (on each side) Set View's size, a

Set focus on textbox in WPF from view model (C#) 2015-06-22

I have a TextBox and a Button in my view. Now I am checking a condition upon button click and if the condition turns out to be false, displaying the message to the user, and then I have to set the cursor to the text box control. if (companyref == nul

c#MVC4 How to Pass a model propery list to Action from view 2015-06-22

I am attempting to pass a model with a list property from the view, to the post action. The list comes back null on post, but we need the list with the new items to update their information. My model looks like this: public class Person() { internal

c#mvc razor foreach in view with sorted data 2015-06-22

I'm new to MVC. I want to implement data sorting on my html page. I have a model that generated with this code: public IEnumerable<PercConfigEntry> GetPercConfigEntries() { var results = from g in this.context.PercConfigEntry where g.Key == "Co

Sharepoint 2010 Calendar Webpart View Powershell 2015-06-22

On the main page of a basic team site template I have a calendar webpart and its view by default is based upon the Calendar list calendar view. My issue is that after applying a new calendar overlay on the calendar list, the main page view does not a

imagegrid view android layout changes automatically 2015-06-22

I created a grid view to show all images with some information. The grid shows the Images and the details. But when I scroll up and down, arrangement of images changes automatically. Why is this happening? Images.xml <GridView xmlns:android="http:

pythonAccessing URL variables in Django 1.5 class-based view 2015-06-22

I'm migrating a project from Django 1.2 to Django 1.5. The project used function-based views such as this: def notecard_product(request, stockcode): if request.user.is_authenticated(): liked = Recommendation.objects.values_list('product_id',flat=True

Django: can&#39;t combine Class-based detail and form views 2015-06-22

I'm new to Django, was starting on usual function-type views, but I'm asked to do this only on class-based views. So there's a problem. I need to make a view, that does next things: - shows a selected question - shows all answers to that question - c
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