adding places to google maps

Place from Google Maps missing in Google Places API 2015-07-15

I've been trying to find specific place in Google Places API with no success. When I type "La Cucina Trattoria" in Google Maps I get three results. However, when I run this query:

javaHow to place a google map/code inside a viewpager 2015-06-24

Like the title says, I want to make a ViewPager which contains two sections: 1- a Listview (name of the places to go with PHP / MySQL / JSON) 2- and a GoogleMap with Markers depending of what you select in point 1 So, I have this code for a ListView

Showing Route Between 2 Places Using Google Map iOS SDK 2015-08-09

I Want to draw route Between two Points in Google Map Using Google Map iOS SDK. Here i am having two text fields From and To. I implemented Google auto complete API for that 2 text fields. and also i am getting Latitude and Longitude of the two place

androidFind places using Google Maps and GPS 2015-08-12

demkeyI'm trying to create an google maps request finding the nearest pharmacies or hospitals near my location but I'm facing some problems. The code is : public class MostrarFarmaciasHospitales extends Activity { private double latitude; private dou

javaChange Pin Place in Google Maps 2015-07-16

i have a map if the user touch the map i will put pin just one pin, i did that but when user want to change the pin place he should drag the pin to the new place What i want when user touch another place i wanna remove the previous pin and put new pi

iphoneproblem in finding the nearest places in google map 2015-08-09

i want to do one application which searches for the nearset stores or hotels in iphone. for that i found a link in google i studied that document and i used the example link https:/

How to add search place image in google map marker in android 2015-07-16

My Concept is that, when search place in google map this place image is add in marker, marker is image view, i am use serch location code from this link

windows phone 7REQUEST_DENIED Google Maps API v3 Places Error 2015-07-15

I am trying to use Google Places in Google Maps API v3, but I get the following error: REQUEST_DENIED. My URI is:,27.574825862967&radius=1000&name=atm&sensor=false

Android: Finding nearby places with Google Places API 2015-07-16

I am trying to get list of the nearby places using Google Places API. I have enabled requried API from Google Devloper Console and have an valid API key. I am able to get my corrent location. After I got the my current location I am trying to get nea

overlayGet latitude and longitude points in Google Maps polyline 2015-08-09

I want to draw Polylines with the Google Maps JavaScript API. Is there a tool that will help me get the latitude and longitude points by just clicking on the map, then exporting an array of lat-long pairs? I imagine something like the personalized ma

javascriptExtract shapes from google maps or place api 2015-07-14

I would like to get the shape of some postcodes. Google maps provides this on the web interface, but I cannot seem to find it in an API. For example:,13.445555,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x47a84e74c0

javascriptLoad Google Places API when Maps is already loaded 2015-07-14

I have this widget that uses Google Maps and the Places API, that integrates on client websites. One of these sites already uses Maps, so I have an error You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected err
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